Case study Enjoy Apartments

EnjoyApartments, short term holiday apartment lettings, based in Barcelona, Spain.


EnjoyApartments based in Barcelona, Spain, began renting out apartments for short term stays, also known as tourist apartment rentals back in 2002. The service proved to be a success and business boomed, expanding into 16 destinations, including London, Rio de Janeiro and Milan amongst other must-visit locations.

Ralph Taal, the founder of EnjoyApartments is only too aware of how competitive the online travel sector is and how necessary it is to have diverse sources of traffic to a website to secure those apartment reservations.
Ralph uses the typical traffic channels of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as well as syndicating his tourist apartments to other large online travel agents (OTA’s) such as Budgetplaces (where InnovaReviews founder Paul Lupson was SVP of Product, and how Paul and Ralph met), and Expedia.

SEM is very expensive in online travel, with Expedia and’s spend rumoured to be amounting to a whopping 5% of Google’s entire Adwords income! Competing against these massive online travel agencies is brutal and even the bravest SEM budgets are exhausted very quickly.

The enjoyapartments website has the usual SEO configuration. The right amount of keywords per page, keywords in anchor tags, which are links on words like ‘apartments in Barcelona’ and popular tourist attractions like ‘Camp Nou Barcelona’, and lots of landing pages with great content about apartments and the destinations.

As there are so many websites in the online travel space Ralph needed to differentiate his business and chose to do so by adding guest reviews to his website. Guest and customer reviews, or ‘social proof’ as they are sometimes referred to is highly prized by Google, and websites with reviews are ranked more highly in the search rankings, therefore those website can receive more visitors.

The solution

EnjoyApartments have hundreds of satisfied clients per month so Ralph decided to tap into this stream of reviews and request them to give a rating and review for his tourist apartment rental service. What better way to attract and reassure new guests to use his business than letting previous guests say how great their experience with EnjoyApartments was.

InnovaReviews gave EnjoyApartments 4 items to manage customer reviews:

  • Write review page - where your customers give a rating and enter their review of your business.
  • Profile page - a free page that displays your business details and your reviews without having to insert the code snippet.
  • Code snippet - which gets added to a website generating the review window that displays reviews.
  • Dashboard - where the reviews arrive for moderation prior to them being published.

Ralph added a link to his ‘Write review’ page - seen here: - to the weekly newsletter that is sent out to previous and potential guests, and began collecting guest reviews. Ralph plans on adding the link to his online booking confirmation emails also, sent to the guest just after they make the reservation.
We also recommend sending guests a ‘Thank you’ email 3 days after they return from their stay in an a hotel or tourist apartment, this is a great opportunity to ask for their rating and review while the trip and apartment booking process is still fresh in their minds.

The results

The review window was customised and added to the enjoyapartments blog page, seen here: and this was picked up by Google within just 1 day and added to the Google search results page.

Organic traffic to Ralph’s website can be further increased by adding the review window to a more prominent page. We recommend adding the review window to the bottom of your homepage, or create a dedicated /reviews page and add the review window there, next to your primary call-to-action (CTA), such as the ‘Search now’ button or the phone number if your business requires clients to call in.
This page with the guest reviews, containing lots of valuable keywords, as well as being freshly published makes it ideal content for Google to present to searchers who have entered terms such as ‘reviews enjoy holidays’ or ‘enjoyapartments apartment reviews’.
If there are sufficient reviews that Google can recognise the quality of the business, then review stars could be added to the search results entry, really making the business stand out from competitors in the pecking order.

Ralph is very pleased with the traffic and confidence increases his customers receive by reading other guests reviews and has also come up with a great request, wanting to add ratings badges to other pages within his websites.
The badges are now being developed by the amazing InnovaReviews engineers - coming soon - and will display the overall guest rating and number of reviews Enjoy-holidays has received in a really high-profile way. The badges will be linked back to the main review window engaging his customers and convincing them to make their next reservation with

If your tourist apartment rental business would benefit from better ranking and more prominence in the search results, with review stars and awesome customer reviews that help convert 'lookers into bookers' take a free trial of InnovaReviews now: