Case study: LegalVision

LegalVision is a new era law firm / online portal, based in Sydney.


LegalVision is a new era online/offline legal services company, whose goal is to offer top quality legal services to businesses at an affordable price.
The LegalVision team of specialist business lawyers work on a fixed-fee basis so their clients know exactly how much they will be spending for each set piece of legal work.
Based in Sydney, Australia, LegalVision really are a new breed of online savvy law firm. Their legal industry disruptive approach is proving popular and they have a growing list of satisfied clients.

The founder of LegalVision, Lachlan McKnight, is a lawyer as well as an internet entrepreneur. The primary client acquisition channel for LegalVision is online, via the website.
Lachlan was aware of the great SEO value of having review stars next to his firms entry in the Google organic search results and the subsequent possible increase of organic traffic to his online legal portal if his page could appear there with review stars and a decent number of positive reviews from previous clients.

The solution

Lachlan signed up to the Premium plan at InnovaReviews, to benefit from our Google friendly 'rich snippet' compatible system. Reviews published in the rich snippet format are indexed favourably by Google into their search index.
This means the LegalVision page carrying the customer reviews may appear in the Google search results with review stars. This search results page entry will have a direct link to the LegalVision reviews & testimonials page.

The LegalVision team created a reviews page to add to their website, with a simple, explanatory URL: reviews-testimonials.html.
They quickly customised the review window size and colours from the InnovaReviews dashboard, to carry their corporate colour scheme and fit their website, seen here:
The user experience is improved when the review window blends in to the website design, a good user experience is fundamental. A well designed website gives clients confidence in your business and will positively influence the clients decision to use your service or buy your product.

With the review window code snippet added to the LegalVision review page, the team set about collecting reviews from their previous clients.
They emailed previous clients requesting a review, directing the user to the LegalVision 'Write Review' page, seen here:

When a client gives a review, the LegalVision team are notified by email and an alert in their Innova dashboard. The review is not published until a member of the LegalVision team have read it and chosen to publish it.

The results

Within 1 day the LegalVision reviews & testimonials page going live, carrying the InnovaReviews review window, containing 15 customer reviews, was indexed into the Google search index.
Just 3 weeks later the review page was appearing on page 1, position 1 in the Google organic search results for the search query "reviews legalvision", as illustrated.

LegalVision review stars, page 1, position 1 SERPs result thanks to InnovaReviews

The LegalVision search results entry also has the Google review stars, making it way more eye-catching than other search entries, increasing the likelihood the user will click it and visit their website. We don't have access to the LegalVision analytics numbers but we can assume organic traffic has increased thanks to the reviews-testimonials.html page content, powered by InnovaReviews.