Case study Souk & Bizar Hair

Souk & Bizar Hair, a fashionable hair & beauty salon in Sydney.


Souk & Bizar Hair is a fashionable beauty and hair salon in Crows Nest, an affluent suburb on the North Shore of Sydney, Australia.

Souk & Bizar Hair hair salon has built a sizeable and loyal customer base over a couple of years of running their small business.
The contemporary hair cuts and beauty treatments, the stylish salon interior and the staff's approachable and friendly attitude making this hair salon a true small business success story.

The owner of this thriving hair salon is Hanne, who's been a professional hairdresser for 12 years.
She worked her way up from a trainee in a large salon, to a senior hairdresser. Finally she took the plunge into small business and started her own hair salon in 2012.

To promote the hair salon and attract more clients Hanne had a website created. The text on the website was kept to a minimum, instead using large glamorous images of beautiful models with amazing hair styles to show what clients might expect from the salon.

The Souk & Bizar Hair website had the search engine optimised (SEO) basics, however traffic to the website only trickled in. Hanne wanted more traffic from Google so she approached SEO experts who promised her page 1, position 1 placement in the search results for 'just $500 per month'.
Unimpressed with the over-priced and possibly over-stated ability from the SEO companies Hanne looked for alternative methods to increase website traffic and found InnovaReviews, also based in Crows Nest, Sydney.

The solution

Hanne had seen other hair salons with review stars in their entry in the Google search results page and saw how they stood out from the crowd in the results page. She wanted this for her Souk&Bizar Hair salon and learned that InnovaReviews can help a website appear in the search results with review stars.

The InnovaReviews system is deliberately very Google friendly, after-all, Google control most of the users and traffic on the internet. If your website doesn't appear in a great position in the Google search results then it won't receive many visitors.
InnovaReviews was built to the exact rich snippet code format recommended by the Google guidelines.

Reviews published through InnovaReviews are cleverly tagged within the code as 'reviews' which Google see as great website content. It makes sense that Google want only great websites to be found by their users, so the better the quality of the content, the better your business will do in the search results.

Hanne took our Standard plan, (see InnovaReviews pricing plans) and had her developer add a webpage at her website then add the review window.
The whole process from sign up to adding the review window took just 5 minutes.
The web address (URL) of the page holding the review window is perfect, simply: '/reviews' - it's a super short and memorable URL, it clearly explains the content so Google should approve and rank it highly for relevant searches. You can see it here:

Once the review window was added to her website, Hanne went about collecting reviews from her customers.
When making a booking at a hair salon you are often asked to give a mobile phone number. Hanne took full advantage of having her customers mobile numbers and sent a polite text message (SMS) to 15 customers, with a simple request for them to leave her a review. The message also had a link to the 'Write review' webpage.

Hanne had an amazing response, with all 15 clients giving her business reviews within minutes. An email notification is sent to Hanne from InnovaReviews each time a customer leaves a review.
Reviews do not get published online without approval.
Each customer review can be moderated and will only go online if Hanne chooses to publish it. This ability to fully control the reviews seen on her small business website was very important to her.

As a sign of her hard work and dedication put into her small business, all her customers gave the salon a 5 out of 5 rating. The customers also left awesome reviews, using in natural language important and relevant keywords, such as 'hair salon' and 'Crows Nest' (the suburb in Sydney where the salon is located).
These keywords are what Google value so greatly, and coming from real customers they will help give the Souk & Bizar hair salon a high ranking in the Google search results if a person searches for something like 'hair salon in crows nest'.

The results

The Souk & Bizar Hair '/review' page with the InnovaReviews review window was picked up by Google within a day added to its list of searchable pages.

15 reviews was a great number of reviews to have from day one, usually 5+ is enough to begin getting noticed by Google. As more reviews arrive, with Hanne directing new customers to the 'Write review' page, they add extra value. Along with the great keywords within the reviews, Google also values fresh content or in other words regularly updated content that shows the business is alive and well.

The Souk&Bizar Hair review page appeared on page 1, position 1 in the Google organic search results for the search query "reviews souk&bizar", as illustrated. This was just 4 weeks after Hanne joined InnovaReviews.

Those all important Google review stars make the search entry really stand out from the crowd and raise the chances of a user clicking on the Souk&Bizar Hair link over the competitor hair salons in Crows Nest.

We spoke with Hanne recently to ask her about how InnovaReviews was working for her, she gave us a really great piece of insight into the success of our service. She said "We know customers have read the reviews on our website, they quote them to us when they visit!"

If you have a hair salon or any small business that would benefit from increased traffic to your website and boosting your conversion rate try InnovaReviews with a free 30 day trial.