Increase organic traffic with search engine optimization (SEO)

Customer reviews can can improve your search engine optimisation (SEO), increasing organic traffic by 28%

Reviews of your product or service offered tend to be stuffed full of valuable keywords directly related to your business. What's more, if you collect reviews regularly, one or two a day maybe, that content is also classed as 'fresh content'.
Add content freshness to relevant keyword dense text and your website will quickly attract the attention of the Google search engine.

If your website isn't optimised following the Google Webmaster Guidelines then it isn't going to do too well when it comes to where it appears in the Google search results. Without a good high position in the search results pages your website won't be found and your business will miss out.

Google's algorithm loves relevant textual content, it reads it, matches it to a users search request and hey presto, offers the most relevant websites up to the user to choose from. Google also love that content to be nice and fresh, newly written, then it's classified as even more relevant and gains an even better position in the Google search results page (SERPs)

Customer reviews being so important, if entered into your website with the special 'rich snippets' format will also be tagged as special content.
InnovaReviews is built to the specific Google friendly rich snippet format, meaning your reviews will be classified as this special content, and your website could appear in the search results with ratings stars, read more about ratings stars in Google search results here.

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