Frequently asked questions

Can I select which reviews are shown?
Yes! You have total control of which reviews appear on your website.
The benefit of Innova is that you select which reviews to publish yourself. Remember, don't only publish the 5 star reviews, be honest and publish lower rated stars too, this will reassure your visitors that you are a trustworthy business.

What if i receive a bad review?
You select which reviews you show on your website, so don't worry, it won't appear online (unless you want it to of course!). The best course of action is to respond to the customer and see if you can rectify their issue. Remember, this feedback is useful and can help your business improve.

How do i know when a customer has given a review?
We will email you when you have a new review to moderate and then choose to hide or publish. Alternatively you can just log in to your Innova dashboard and you will see new reviews in your Inbox.

Do i have to install anything in my website?
You will need to add a small snippet of code to the webpage where you want the review window to appear. It's very simple to do, just like adding an image to your website.
If you need help just let us know.

Do i get a free webpage?
Yes! In addition to the review window to pop in your website you get your own business profile page, courtesy of us! The profile page displays your branding and business details, and has a URL of it's own, example

Can I use InnovaReviews if I don't even have a website yet?
Sure! You can take advantage of our business profile page, not at extra cost. The business profile page displays your reviews, aswell as having your logo and contact details. An example of the URL of the free business profile page will be

Will my website appear in the search results with ratings stars?
Yes, it should! We have created InnovaReviews to publish reviews to the exact specification that Google approves of. The format is called 'Rich Snippets', this tags your reviews and ratings as content of extra value so will add ratings stars to your search results and hopefully push you toward the top of the results.

Will my adwords appear with ratings stars?
We are in the process with Google, of adding InnovaReviews to the coveted list of review websites that can facilitate the addition of ratings stars within your adwords campaigns. Bear with us as we go through this lengthy application process.

Is there a free trial?
Of course, our 30 days free trial means you can test out the benefits that reviews will bring to your website traffic and trustworthyness at zero risk, zero cost.

Can I customise the size and colours of the review window to work well on my website?
Totally. The review window is fully customiseable, change the height and width to fit your webpage, aswell as text and star colours.

What is the best place on my website to put the review window?
Put the review window where people will see it. We think reviews are critical to users choosing to use your business or not, so if most visitors arrive on your homepage then that's where it should be. Add the review window near your mission statement and call-to-action (your 'Buy Now' button), this could help increase your conversion rate.

Do I have to show the star ratings?
No. If for some reason you don't want users to see the star ratings on your website then you can switch them off from the dashboard. We think your visitors will find the stars appealing and useful though.

Can I add multiple instances of the review window?
Yes, just insert the review code snippet into as many places on your website as you wish. If the spaces on the various pages are different, just leave the hight and width attributes empty and the window will fit the available space.

Can I reply to the customers who have given me a review?
Sure, and this is a great thing to do! Engaging with customers shows you care and value their opinion. You might want to offer customers who give reviews a reward or an incentive to make another purchase. If you've receive a negative review then this is the time to fix the problem.  You'll be surprised how much customers opinion of your business will change if they feel they are being listened to.

Where do my customers go to give me a review?
You will have a 'Write Review' page, an example of the URL of this page is: - This is where where you need to send your customers so they can write a review. There is also a link to the 'Write Review' page from the review window itself, but it's good to know this address of the actual page to send out to your customers.

How do I collect reviews from my customers?
Approach your customers by any means you can, 'if you don't ask you don't get' as they say. In your dashboard there is a 'Collect Reviews' link where we make it easy for you to communicate with your clients.  We also recommend asking face-to-face, by email, by sms, adding a link on your website to your 'Give Review' page, requesting reviews in your email newsletter.  If you have a bricks & mortar store, put up a postcard or sticker at your point of sale directing people to your 'Give Review' page.